Saturday 31 October 2015

Jack the Ripper by Sir Joshua Francis & The Eccentrics feat. Lord Toby

Good evening! Just thought I would catch you all before you crawl out for your All Hallows' Eve festivities! I have just the thing to get you into the Halloween spirit! Sir Joshua Francis, Lord Toby Jug and The Eccentrics cover of the Screaming Lord Sutch classic "Jack the Ripper"!
Jack the Ripper by Sir Joshua Francis & The Eccentrics featuring Lord Toby Jug is available now, completely free on Soundcloud follow the link and check it out!
Oh, yours truly did the cover for their cover! Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

Written by Clarence Stacy, Charles Stacy, Walter Haggin and Joe Simmons
Produced by Sir Joshua Francis and Richard K Montgomery
Engineered and mixed by Adrian Biggs at Sham Studios
Vocals & Rhythm Guitars - Sir Joshua Francis
Bass - Lord Toby Jug
Horns, Drums, Guitar Solo and Backing Vocals - Richard K Montgomery
Lead Guitar - Steve Reynolds

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