Sunday 16 June 2019

Happy Horror-day! Father's Day (2011)

Wasn’t easy as I wasn’t actually home for the ‘horror-days’ this time but I still managed to watch Father's Day from 2011, the second Troma title to feature in the challenge (although they are in no way connected). This tale regarding a man called Ahab (played by Adam Brooks) out for revenge on a serial killer called Chris Fuchman also known as the Father's Day Killer who murdered (putting it mildly!) his father 30 years before, was originally made as a short film, but was later made into a feature-length movie that received great acclaim and numerous awards at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The movie itself contains all that one expects of a Troma release (and then some!) with its over the top action and violence (some of which very gory and quite, quite graphic at times) but I was more taken however by its impressive Grindhouse style, feel and influences (think Grindhouse only with Lloyd Kaufman in it playing God!) and I also add that I liked the Channel Astron 6 late night movie segments throughout the film. See you on the 4th of July!

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