Tuesday 25 February 2014

New Book! The Dr. Who Fannual

Who merchandise is everywhere these days, capable of filling a Tardis several times over but we see very little relating to Peter Cushing’s version seen in the movies released in 1965 and 1966. During that time World Distributors Ltd started publishing Doctor Who annuals based on the television series producing them from the height of Dalek mania through to the 1980s (with the exception of 1972) but they never produced one devoted to the Cushing movies… Well now fans finally have the opportunity to add one to their collections with this beautifully designed ‘fannual’ which lovingly recreates the classic World Distributors look and is packed with stories and strips relating to Dr. Who! As the blurb indicates, it’s a “fanzine featuring an elderly gentleman who can travel through time and space in his own invention with his family and friends.” Written and illustrated by fans of the movies and is an absolute delight, I tip my hat to all responsible in its production as they did an excellent job.
Now you may have gathered that I too provided content for this book, and you would be right. Three of them in fact. Naturally, I’m always delighted to see my work published and this book is no exception, but I’m doubly pleased as it’s not only a Doctor Who related project (finally!) a Peter Cushing project but it also provided me the opportunity and pleasure of illustrating one of my wife’s stories! ‘Susan and the King’ a short story that has Susan and Dr. Who meeting Charles II during the English Civil War! Find this tale and many others contained within its 168 pages. Guaranteed to compliment any Doctor Who annual collection! They are available either in colour or black and white, hardcover or paperback! Order here.

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RIP Harold Ramis/ Egon Spengler (1944 – 2014)

Nineteen years into my life something special happened to me, a mundane moment for others perhaps but for me it made me smile. For a fair chunk of those nineteen years I had many a hurtful name thrown at me, and having a unique name excluded me from having a nickname. But at this particular moment in my lifetime someone actually called me “Egon” and I accepted this comparison as a compliment. They were unaware that Egon Spengler had long been a childhood hero of mine. If Ray Stantz was the heart of the Ghostbusters Egon was the brain and when Ghostbusters was released I wanted to be Egon, he was always my favourite and when we ran around the schoolyard-busting ghosts I did so as Spengler, providing escapism from those hurtful words previously mentioned. So I was saddened to hear that Harold Ramis, the man who was Egon Spengler had passed away aged only 69 of “autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis” a condition itself which sounded like something Egon would have come up with.
Ghostbusters throughout the world will mourn his passing, this one included.

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Slaughterhouse Farm #2 Cover unveiled

Helbound Media has unveiled the cover image for the forthcoming issue 2 of Slaughterhouse Farm! Art by me, lettering by the ever brilliant Nikki Foxrobot.

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Haven’t read issues 1 yet? Order it here

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