Wednesday 16 November 2016

2016 Heath Robinson Museum Secret Art Sale

The Heath Robinson Museum had their 2016 Secret Art Sale at the Upstairs Gallery at West House, Pinner Memorial Park last week. Offering over 170 6”x 6” canvases for sale with all proceeds going towards the newly opened Heath Robinson Museum. Works of art were donated to the museum by both aspiring and renowned professional artists, cartoonists and illustrators and yours truly was one of the 143 artists that participated and I understand it was a great success.
I was artist number 58 and donated this glow in the dark portrait of the ideas man himself Heath Robinson with a symbolic light bulb above his head. As always with my glow in the dark paintings it allows the owner to enjoy the piece day and night and also acts as a convenient locater of light switches in the dark. It was a genuine honour to be able to create a piece devoted to one of my favourite illustrators, more so knowing that proceeds made from its sale will further fund the very museum devoted to him.
A gallery of all 170 canvases can be viewed on the museum's site- if you are Pinner be sure to visit the museum and show your support!

© Arfon Jones  2016. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


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