Friday 1 March 2019

Join Arfon’s Glow- in- the- Dark Monster Sticker Club!

Sticker #1 A Killer Shrew!
Well, the Women in Horror Art Show has ended, so it’s on to my next venture.... Patreon!
Aside from working on the commissions I have, I am also working on numerous projects of my own, specifically a self published book of 30 individual paintings devoted to monster/ horror related nostalgia from 1980’s and 90’s that I hope to launch at my very own solo art show at the end of the year! It’s a lot of work but I believe in it and I want to make it happen- but it’s not easy and for some time now I’ve been told I should try Patreon, as it helps artists receive additional funding from people who enjoy or admire their work and I’ve wrestled with this for some time, worrying that it might be seen as a form of “e-begging” however, the argument was made that Patronage is how artists used to do this ‘back in the day’ so I thought “why not?” But I must confess what ‘sold’ the idea for me was that Patreon is laid out in such a way that allows creators to provide exclusive content for their subscribers or "patrons” like a sort of mini club if you will, and this interests me greatly!  The other thing that appealed to me is that this presents me with the opportunity to create a unique product for those who kindly support my work; rewarding their generosity, so today I am launching  Arfon’s Glow- in- the- Dark Monster Sticker Club!

They really do glow- in- the- dark! 
So, for a minimum  donation of £3 (Patron is an American site so it’s listed as $3.99) ) or more a month you will be enrolled in my Glow- in- the- Dark Monster Sticker Club and receive a new/ exclusively created glow in the dark sticker each month as a thank you for your support! Not only that but your membership entitles you to prize draws, project updates, exclusive behind the scenes content and the opportunity to nominate next month’s sticker allowing you to be a part of a community and not forgetting that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are supporting me and my work!
Each vinyl sticker (measuring 100mm x 50mm) will be numbered and will feature a design that harks back to classic monster stickers of the past.  Created by yours truly,  they really do Glow- in- the- Dark! Suitable for sticking on things or just collecting, your collection will grow each month, I want this to be a fun venture and I hope you will join me by showing your support!
Not for you? Fair enough perhaps you will bring this to the attention of someone that might? 
Thanks in advance!

© Arfon Jones 2019. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

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