Tuesday 11 September 2018

Arfon's Studio: Out with the old...

Arfon's Studio MK1. 1998
Early January of this year we were warned to "batten down the hatches" Storm Georgina was heading our way! The media warned us that North Wales was set to be battered by wild 70mph winds underlining the potential “danger to life”! Sure enough Storm Georgina, described by the Met Office as a “fairly typical winter storm with maximum gust speeds of 60 to 70 mph” rolled in, lights flickered power went on and off again and it passed. The following morning we went out to check the devastation and discovered that the caravan, my first (non bedroom based) studio had been claimed by Georgina. When I established myself as a freelance artist I set up my studio in this (then) 40 year old static caravan at the back of the house in 1998 and worked from there for around a year and a half or so before moving into (slightly) warmer premises.
Inside the studio (I still use that Philips HFC-171 fax machine)
Over the past 18 years various other storms made numerous unsuccessful attempts on the caravan but Georgina claimed the final victory by dropping a large branch on it and so the caravan was eventually emptied of its contents, broken down and removed for scrap in May leaving nothing but memories of those early, self employment days of dial up internet, floppy disks and listening to Mark and Lard on Radio One while I worked. So, as I prepare to unveil the new-look studio I thought we would take a moment to remember a studio from the past, share some photos of it during those early days and its eventual demise. 

Arfon's Studio MK1 after Storm Georgina passed, 2018

Gone but not forgotten...
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  1. That's a shame, but at least you've got the photos to remember it by.

    1. Yes indeed, I have one memento (watch this space ;) )



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