Thursday 3 May 2018

New Book: Age of Savagery

Deadstar Publishing's Age of Savagery is available now for pre-order (for release on Monday 13th May). So what's it about? “The world of Genodd is a placed filled with mystery. The Eldar races have gone, leaving behind feuding barbarian tribes. Loosely affiliated into clans, they wander a world filled with Monuments – remnants of a time gone by. A place where Magic – if it ever existed – is lost.” Based on an original concept by David Powell, this is a collection of 10 stories told over 80 pages of comics and prose pieces. Over 20 creators have work featured including Josh Somerville, Chrissey Harrison, Dave Charlton-Whitaker, AtlantisVampir and many others including 'liddle old me! Look out for two stories featuring my artwork, 'Epsis' Test' by Lewis James and 'Out of the Pit' by Matt Warner. Follow the link find out more and then pre-order your own copy!

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