Monday 14 May 2018

Arfon's 24 hour Shark A-thon makes the radio!

Like a Great White heading for the beaches of Amity Island my 24 hour Shark A-thon gathers momentum! This time I was on Aled Hughes's BBCRadio Cymru (Radio Wales) show to discuss shark movies and the challenge itself! I’ve been on the show a few times now and it’s always nice to chat with Aled and I thank all involved for allowing me the opportunity to tell everyone about my charity shark movie challenge. As ever our conversation has been posted on the BBC website (our conversation starts at 12:27) and as always I have transcribed/translated it for the benefit of all you non-welsh speakers!

Aled: “Now there are films about sharks... (Jaws theme plays) That’s the most famous one without a doubt, its great film, quite possibly one of the greatest movies ever but there are also some terrible ones and I am now going to say good morning to Arfon Jones. Arfon welcome”
Arfon: Good morning Aled how are you?”
Aled: “Very well thank you, why are you going to watch 17 of the worst shark movies in 24hours? Are you not going to bed?
Arfon: “No! I’m going to stay in my chair!
Aled: “Are you sure this is a good idea?!”
Arfon: “Errr, I’m beginning to wonder....But no! I’m going to try and break my own record by having 24hours-an entire day devoted to these films in the hope of raising as much money as possible for the Alzheimer’s Society”.
Aled: “hmmmmmm...yeah, Ok. It’s a good cause but how are you going to prove that you’ve done this?
Arfon: “Well, I will be on Facebook and I will keep a log if you will, adding  updates as the films start and there will be a clock next to the TV so everyone check the times, so they can be certain that the movie is running.”
Aled: “It’s for a good cause, have you done this before?”
Arfon: “I did one for Children in Need about two years back, where I watched all 12 Friday the 13th movies in one sitting and that took around twenty and a half hours to complete.”
Aled: “I’ve only read some of the titles and I don’t know how you’re going to stay awake! Mega Shark vs. Crockasaurus.
Arfon: “That one doesn’t sound so bad; I think that might be one of the better ones...”
Aled: “Raider of the Lost Shark"
Arfon: “There you go!”
Aled:House Shark
Arfon: “yup”
Aled: “Snow Shark....Where do you get these?!”
Arfon: “well, for some reason there seems to be a lot of them being released at the moment...But the list you have there now has been scaled down somewhat...”
Aled: (surprised) You have 17 movies on your list how many did you have originally?”
Arfon: “Originally I had over 20”
Aled: “So are these fairly new movies?”
Arfon:“Oh yes, I’d say that the oldest was released round fifteen years ago?  They have been slow, but I would say that that there has been a lot more of them in the last five years or so...”
Aled:” These must be awful Arfon?!”
Arfon: (chuckle) seems like it doesn’t it?!”
Aled: “Have you seen any of them?”
Arfon: “No not all of them, I’ve seen Shark Exorcist and er... Sharknado... Have you seen that that one?
Aled: “No, I haven’t if I’m honest.”
Arfon:” Imagine if you will eight or so tornadoes going on, hitting a city and they are all filled with sharks... So you’re not only dealing with the tornadoes your also dealing with sharks falling from the sky!
Aled:” I’ve never heard of such a thing!...”
Arfon: “There are four of them... “
Aled:” Four?”
Arfon:“Four movies in that series”.
Aled:” Is there?! What with the same premise?!”
Arfon: “Yes. Oh, my apologies there are five of them! Another was recently released!”
Aled: “I can’t believe it! I wish you all the very best with it, if you can stay awake it will be a challenge! And people can sponsor you? Can they do that through Facebook?
Arfon: “If they find me on facebook they will find the relevant links there. I’m doing this through Justgiving but they will find the link on Facebook and if everyone can give something that would be great!”
Aled: “Wouldn’t be easier to watch Jaws back to back for 24hours? You know... a good film?”
Arfon: “Well yes, I was going to include Jaws in the line-up but then I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch a film featuring a three headed shark...”
Aled:” Now I’m glad you didn’t include Jaws in the line-up! Arfon, thanks for the chat”
Arfon:” Thank you Aled. Take care!”

To sponsor me during my 24 hour Shark A-thon please follow this link and tell your friends!

© Arfon Jones 2018. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. Sponsorship will have to wait till my next pay day, but I *will* sponsor you.

    Wot, no Avalanche Sharks? I preferred that to Sharknado.

    1. That would be fantastic Mim thank you :) Avalanche Sharks was considered, i went mostly with titles suggested on Facebook I think I might change that to Sharknado 5...



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