Thursday 12 November 2015

Arfon’s Sponsored ‘Friday the 13th Movie Marathon'

Friday the 13th is almost upon us and it’s almost time for me to start my Friday the 13th Movie Marathon challenge! I will be watching all 12 of the Friday the 13th movies (working out at roughly around 18 hours and 31 minutes) back to back in one sitting for Children in Need!
Many of you out there have been incredibly generous in your sponsorships but I’m sure we can do better so click on the ‘donate’ button and nudge the total along! All proceeds go to Children in Need! You can even make a donation with your mobile Text JASO80 £1 to 70070!
Once you have made a donation please share and anchorage others to do the same! Every bit helps!
I will post updates on my progress throughout the day on Instagram! Thanks for your support!

UPDATE 2017: Find out how it went here Arfon’s Sponsored Friday the 13th Movie Marathon: CONCLUSION.

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