Saturday 20 October 2012

Countdown to Website Launch: 1 ‘What is a Neuro-mitter?’

The new website is about to be launched! I haven’t been this excited about a website for many a year, which reminds me I am often asked, “What is a Neuro-mitter?” well allow me to explain…  Back in 1998 I was a Graphic Design student at Parc Menai, Bangor and I realised that the Internet was the future so as my final year project I created a promotional website to showcase my work that could also be displayed at the college open day. Being 1998 a web site was still regarded as a novelty because promotional CD’s were the ‘in’ thing at the time. So after several weeks of teaching myself how to use html a site was created and it was called ‘Arfon’s Brain Online’ (Or “on the line” as one journalist unfamiliar with the Internet wrote). Hosted by Yahoo! GeoCities’ SouthBeach the site even came with a back-story,
 ‘Attached to the cerebrum the Neuro-Mitter© filters the bio-electric energy pulses from my brain and translates them into radio waves beaming them directly to the electromagnetic receiver. My thoughts are then translated into images that are uploaded onto the Internet.
In other words the Neuro-mitter was a device attached to my brain that supposedly uploadeds my thoughts to the Internet. The ‘surfer’ had the ability to navigate their way through my thoughts and memories, share news and ideas but more importantly they could view my artwork via an online gallery! The website was crude, but it served me well and during the college open day it was displayed to the public accompanied by a brain in a jar for effect.
As the years passed the site continued to exist in some form or another eventually becoming the subject of this blog in 2009 once again following the original Neuro-mitter premise, which was to share my thoughts, memories, news and work with the world.
So today will be launched and much like my logo is actually a reimagining of an original. 

Respectively dedicated to Mr Phil Brown and Mr Tom Pollock

© Arfon Jones 2012. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

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