Thursday 2 February 2012

Self-Promotional Items

With a logo that needs to be inserted into the masses’ psyche and a web site in the works (do please join the facebook group to be notified of this event!) I thought I would showcase a selection of the self-promotional items that have been created over the past few months…

Business cards with free dinosaur! 7 different species of prehistoric animals to collect in 6 different colours!

, these beauties not only have a fine quality gloss to them they can also be stuck on practically anything! Envelopes, robots, computers, passers by…

Mug and cake toppers! The mug is not only dishwasher safe it will also subliminally ‘encourage’ the person you are sitting opposite to visit the web site while you drink tea! The cake is decorated with an edible logo icing cake topper and serves as a tasty subliminal back up!

Badges, like the stickers are simple items that can be handed out to anyone (with the exception of young-unsupervised children) Loved these badges they were recently handed out at the Asylum event back in September and were created by GCD. I should say that GCD are purveyors of high quality goods ranging from badges to T-shirts at a very good price either check out their web site or facebook group for more details and tell them Arfon sent you!

© Arfon Jones 2011-2012. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. Hi Arfon! I've just tagged you in a blog tag thingy :)

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  3. Why thank you Muneeb, I am delighted that you like them thanks for taking the time to comment and compliment :)

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