Friday 29 June 2018

Arfon's 24 Hour Shark A-Thon! Countdown begins!

Arfon's 24 Hour Shark A-Thon! Will commence in 26 days and thanks to your kind generosity through donations via the Justgiving page or adding your pledges via my sponsor forms we have broken the halfway mark and raised £300 for Alzheimer’s Society!
BUT this is only the beginning! There is much more to do as I want to raise as much as possible with this, so please- if you haven’t donated yet do it now! Remember there is no set pledge amount here, give what you can! Whatever you can spare and if you’re not so keen on online pledging fine, get in touch and make your donation/pledges anyway you wish! Be sure to tell everyone about this challenge any attempts to spread the word would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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