Wednesday 15 January 2014

New Book! Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains

A very Happy New Year to you all! Yes… I realise that we are already fifteen days in BUT seeing as it took me twenty-eight days to post something last year I think improvements are definitely being made! I do (as ever) have a perfectly good excuse; I am (as always) very busy, currently working on the second issue of Slaughterhouse Farm for Hellbound Media. Despite being so busy however I have allowed myself two luxuries this month one is turning thirty-five and the other is finishing Rich Lawden’s Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains book. This companion book backs the well-received retrospective documentary of the same name released back in March and it’s simply marvellous, as it not only provides us with the making of the documentary it also further educates us about the legendary ‘Hallowe’en Hoax’ itself.  Backed with rare behind the scenes photos, production notes and news clippings crammed between a foreword by the series creator/writer Stephen Volk and his sequel story, "31/10"! Oh it also features two of my Ghostwatch paintings in it!
Whether you recovering from the trauma left from first viewing the programme back in 1992 or you just want to learn more about this great television moment, order your copy here.

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