Wednesday 7 September 2011

Paul'll Fix It

Its very busy here at the moment I have several projects on the go with a ‘to do’ list that is double the size! Thanks to my good friend Paul McCaul at FixMyPhoto I was able to cross one item off my list last night and that was to re-vamp of the blog! Paul provided me with the new banner you see atop of the new look page that incorporates my new logo! I was so impressed with his work I decided to devote a thread to him and his work urging you to check out his site!

We all have a photograph that has slight imperfections well can do just that! Fix your photo! Whatever the condition of your photograph, negative or slide, he will improve it for you removing rips, creases, stains and scratches. Special effects can also be applied for that “arty style print” Breathing new life to your profile picture for the web or print, (not to mention remove those harsh spots or ageing lines!) He can print your photo to Canvas with free conversion to B&W colour tinting and resizing. He can even have your photos made into rolls of wallpaper for your interior design ideas! With most of us are on computers these days so its not often I am able to describe someone as a “Computer Whiz” but I can with Paul who does some amazing things with photographs in an friendly and efficient way!

So with Christmas just around the corner why not check out his site or even his Facebook page and see what services he offers? Or better still look out for him at the Altrincham Market every Saturday and let Paul Fix your photos! Tell him Arfon sent you!

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