Tuesday 5 July 2011

Timeless Wonder

I’ been very lucky this year, I have had countless fun commissions come in! Each one a joy to work on but just occasionally a commission comes along that just makes you giddy with excitement, more so if you’re a geek like me. The last commission contained these words “Tardis” “Lynda Carter” and “Wonder Woman”!

Mr. Dale Who commissioned this piece (his 3rd this year so I must be doing something right!) and so I set about creating ‘Timeless Wonder’ a “what if?” tv listings cover, What if Doctor Who had crossed over to the Wonder Woman series. I have included some photos that show you my process in 4 steps in the vain hope that it will be of interest! To see the final piece and see what Dale’s response to the piece was please visit his web site.

© Arfon Jones 2011. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

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