Thursday 2 December 2010

Martian Christmas

December is here and so I have made a start on watching my favourite Christmas movies in the run up to the 25th starting with the 1964 classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Haven’t seen it? Your loss! At the risk of giving too much away the inhabitants of Mars grow concerned about their children’s future and decide to introduce fun into their lives by kidnapping Santa from Earth and introduce the concept of Christmas to Mars! And the plan must have worked because when I visited Mars back in December 2008 they had Christmas trees and decorations there… Ok you have me, I didn’t visit THAT Mars but Mars 2112 the themed restaurant and bar in the Times Square! Mars 2112 was brought to my attention when a Martian greeted me on the sidewalk, he made a zapping sound and presented me with a flyer that urged me to visit. Intrigued, I did just that but when my brother and I got there much like the red planet…it was uninhabited!
Ok, once again that wasn’t strictly true, there were a few people there, but they seemed to be attending a private function and there were no Martians on hand to show us to a table! First opened in 1998 Mars 2112 also had a "Space Arcade" and a "Mars Bar" but sadly no bartender! As we patiently waited for someone to show I had a look round, the place was impressive with a lovely attention to detail about it. I adore places like this (read about my visit to the Jekyll and Hyde pub here) but when it became obvious that nobody was going to take our order we decided to leave, a great shame as I had high expectations on going in. Here are the photographs taken during my exploration of Mars, you will note the Christmas d├ęcor previously mentioned, I was especially impressed with the Martian Christmas trees.

*Update* It seems that the restaurant closed in January 2012

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