Thursday 22 April 2010

‘Science Spotlight’ 4/12 Dr. Magnus Pyke

Dr. Magnus Alfred Pyke OBE(1908-1992)
Was educated at St paul’s school, London. Then moving to canada studing agriculture at McGill university Montreal, then returning to the University collage London. In 1930 he was the chief chemist at the bemax factory, were he helped develop the use of vitamins in diet. During World War 2 he joined the scientific advisers division of the ministry of food. In an effort to cope with the problem of blood donation outstripping local storage for blood transfusion, Pyke unsuccessfully proposed using access human blood to make black pudding! After the war ended he became secretary of the British association for the advancement of science. He lectured around the world and wrote several books about food science and technology. However, it was in later life he came to public notice when he started presenting science based television programmes such as ‘Don’t ask me’ and ‘Don’t just sit there’ his enthusiasm and ability to explain the subject make him a household name.

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