Sunday 5 May 2019

RIP Lord Toby Jug (1965 - 2019)

Shocked and saddened, to hear of the passing of Brian Borthwick AKA Lord Toby Jug founder and leader of the Eccentric Party of GreatBritain and friend who died on Thursday. Having been a long-standing member of the Monster Raving Loony Party he went out on his own and formed The Eccentric Party of Great Britain in 2015, encompassing the spirit of Screaming Lord Sutch, who had been a friend and inspiration to Toby for years (he also backed him at numerous gigs) he stood against top politicians in general elections across the country over the years. I made contact with him that first year, I honestly can’t remember who reached out to whom but we became friends and I joined the party, of which he elected me Viceroy of Wales and Minister for Monsters (he also tried to get me to stand for local election) and although we never met in person we spoke on the phone and on Facebook numerous times either about the party,projects or his idol Screaming Lord Sutch, such a lovely, friendly man and now he’s in that big polling station in the sky-  Rest peacefully your Lordship, Pip-Pip.

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