Tuesday, 7 April 2020

New Book: Shock Value: Legacy

A new stand-alone horror anthology for you from the chaps at Hellbound Media.
This new 92-page, black and white graphic novel is their latest release to an already impressive line-up of horror and dark fantasy titles and it features ten tales of terror from some of the best talent in the independent comic scene from around the world, the book celebrates, “the monsters that stood as the vanguard of the horror genre”. Yours truly had the pleasure of illustrating the interior back art – follow this link to find out more, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook for more news and the release date. Tell them Arfon sent you!

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Monday, 23 March 2020

New Book: The Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #6

Latest issue of this fine publication is out now, and you can find my tribute to Q:The Winged Serpent and its director Larry Cohen (whom sadly died one year to this very day) on the back cover- but wait! There's more! The good people of Paddy Jack Press, responsible for this amazing fanzine, filled with contributions by numerous talented people, have generously made all the previous issues free to download to help lift everybody's spirits during the global pandemic! 
So follow this link and enjoy! Be sure to follow the relevant social media links and thank them afterwords mind. Oh, if downloading isn't how you 'roll' and its actual physical copies of things that floats your boat- order it on their Etsy shop tell them Arfon sent you!

The painting that features in this issue was documented on my YouTube channel, give it a view and let me know what you think. Don't forget to subscribe!

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Friday, 20 March 2020

I see a bad moon rising...

How are you all doing out there? Remember when we used to just shrug off these prophecies of doom? Case in point, having survived the predicted apocalypse that was to occur when the clock struck midnight marking the start of the new Millennium, twenty one days later I was outside waiting for another sure sign of doom. January 21st 2000 I was waiting for the Moon to pass directly behind the Earth and into its shadow causing the moon to turn a reddish colour- namely a total eclipse of the moon!
Eclipses were still 'in' at this time as Britain had 'attempted' to witness its first solar eclipse for 72 years six month prior (with only part of mainland Britain witnessing totality due to having their views obscured by clouds) and so this astronomical phenomena also received some media interest. Many saw the image of the moon turning blood red to be the real sign of end being 'nigh' but this again wasn't the case, and much like the solar eclipse the clouds rolled in just as things were about to 'officially' happen. But never the less I was there, outside the studio between 3:14am – 4:15am huddled up, Panasonic NV-R33VHS camcorder in hand (hence the shaky cam) as I sketched the moon/ documenting the event. Unfortunately the mic picked up the radio (on in the background to help me document the time) and at one point YouTube flagged the music and so I had to silence one section of it but it offers a moment of time, that might be of interest to someone out there.
Or at the very least offer something to while away the hours in our quarantined bunkers.  
Hunker down, stay safe. 

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

"Previously on Vid-O-Rama..."

So, did I mention that I have a YouTube channel?
On Sunday I uploaded my tenth painting time lapse video to my YouTube series Vid-O-Rama which celebrates movies that we rented from the video shop back in the 80's and 90's.
 I only started this project back in August and I am enjoying the process immensely and the response I have received thus far has been very positive and gratifying.
As I hope to have both this blog and the channel run parallel I thought I would create a mini playlist on here, a sort of 'catchup' telly listing thing if you will... Watch them all on a Sunday if you like, the get the full omnibus experience.

1) Tribute: Gentlemen of Horror 
A time-lapse of painting done as a tribute to Vincent Price, John Carradine, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing whose work I have always admired half tribute to the House of the Long Shadows and half  tribute to the now seemingly lost tradition of the late night movie. 

2) Frankenhooker (1990) 
One of my all time favourite horror comedies, directed by Frank Henenlotter. Loosely inspired by Mary Shelley's novel, the film stars James Lorinz and former Penthouse Pet Patty Mullen as the Frankenhooker! Side note: Patty Mullen loved the painting!

3) Tribute: MonsterVision's Friday the 13th Marathon hosted by Joe Bob Briggs
On Halloween 1998 Joe Bob Briggs presented a Friday the 13th Marathon on his Monstervision show showing parts 1,2,3,5 and 6 this painting serves as a tribute to both him, Monstervision and the Friday the 13th series for that matter

4) Chopping Mall (1986)
This time we celebrated Chopping Mall starring Kelli Maroney, Barbara Crampton , Tony O'Dell, John Terlesky, Russell Todd, Karrie Emerson, Suzee Slater, Nick Segal and Dick Miller. Co-written and directed by Jim Wynorski who gave it his full endorsement!

5) Tribute: The Troma Tribute Painting Part 2
Not only was this devoted to The Toxic Avenger Part 2 and Class of Nuke 'Em Hight part 3 but it was also created to great join up with my previous Lloyd Kaufman/ Troma tribute painting from 2019!

6) Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982) 
A Halloween special commemorating the horribly overlooked third film in the franchise staring Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin and Dan O'Herlihy directed by Tommy Lee Wallace!

7) Robocop (1987) 
Dedicated to one of my all time favourite movies of all time, Robocop directed by Paul Verhoeven staring Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlihy, Kurtwood Smith, Miguel Ferrer, and Ronny Cox. With a special cameo by a robot and a cyborg!

8) Gremlins (1984)
The Christmas special inspired by the Christmas classic from 1984 directed by Joe Dante. Staring Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates, with Howie Mandel as the voice of Gizmo. Also featuring the story tape given to me when the movie was released, read by Tom Baker!

9) The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Pt. 1
I recently painted a portrait for issue #5 of the Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine and documented the process this piece featuring the movies played on the show between 29th March to 26th April 2019. The movies being, C.H.U.D. Castle Freak, Q: Winged Serpent, Society, Deathgasm, The Changeling, Madman, Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope and Demon Wind.

10) The Astro-Zombies (1868) 
The Grind House classic from 1968, Astro-Zombies was written, directed and produced by the great Ted V. Mikels starring John Carradine, Wendell Corey, and Tura Satana! Granting me with an excuse to paint Tura Satana again!

Many more on the way, so be sure to 'like' and subscribe and ring that bell while your at it, to be kept in the loop! It all helps the channel to grow.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Lament for a Video Shop: Video Llŷn

If you are what we term ‘a regular’ on here then you will already be fully aware of my YouTube channel, if not well, I urge you to subscribe, especially if you look back on the glory days of movie rentals as fondly as I do! In each video I create a painting that serves as a loving tribute to those VHS releases that we watched back in the 80’s and 90’s-so go check it out! (done it? Good) Despite the YouTube channel being my main focus, rest assured I haven’t abandoned the blog, no, far from it and I hope to make the ‘Lament a Video Shop’ posts a regular feature running ‘parallel’ with my videos in fact. So, if you would like to suggest a Video Shop that should feature in a future post, drop me a line or e-mail arfon@arfon.net
Right, last time we remembered Select Video, one of the numerous video shops that I frequented between 1991 and 1994, this time I thought we would turn the spotlight on another, Video Llŷn in Pwllheli North Wales, who opened in the early 1980’s but have a distinction that very few rental shops have these days... they are still open in the 21st century!

Video Llŷn (as in the Llŷn Peninsula, Gwynedd- North Wales)‘s story started with one Mr. Ian Jones who while working for a plastics firm noticed a demand for VHS clamshell cases. Surmising that VHS were going to be the next big thing he formed Video Llŷn on Sand Street in the market town of Pwllheli in November of 1983 and the move instantly proved to be popular one, so popular in fact that a second shop was opened twenty miles away on the High Street in Caernarfon in 1984 and a third, thirteen miles on New Street, Porthmadog in 1985. As Gwynedd and Anglesey is predominately rural,Video Llŷn also had five VW and Talbot Express vans that traveled all around, providing those unable to get to the shops the opportunity to get the latest video titles- even providing videos to the Valley Royal Air Force station on Anglesey. But the shops were the place to go to safeguard getting those latest releases. They even provided the video players themselves and offered a repair service (they even branched out to home computers, partnering with CPL Computers, the first Welsh language software company responsible for launching the first ever Welsh Language computer game in 1984). 

4 of the 5 Vans that provided videos to most of Gwynedd and Anglesey

Its dedication to its Welsh roots helped Video Llŷn to form a partnership with Welsh record label, SAIN who reached out to the shop when the Welsh language channel S4C granted the copyright and distribution rights to some of their welsh language programming, Sain needed an outlet- a way to reach the Welsh speaking public and Video Llŷn was it. The likes of Superted, Wil Cwac Cwac and Sam Tân (Fireman Sam) would no longer be limited to S4C scheduling but be available on tape to the children of Wales (The very first Welsh language tape was Superted and cost £50!) Video Llŷn worked closely with SAIN with the marketing side of things and even organised events promoting the latest releases at local schools and in store promotional days such as the time Wil Cwac Cwac came to visit the Pwllheli shop on the 25th of May 1985 to meet local children and give out free posters and stickers and encourage them to buy his latest video. 
There was one promotional ‘guest’ that visited the shop in 1990 however, that wasn’t so welcome, a Chinese Rat Snake! Debbie Evans, manageress of the Caernarfon shop received a special delivery in the shop one day and realised that the parcel in which she thought contained a rubber snake in fact turned out to be a live Chinese Rat Snake, sent as a publicity stunt by CIC Video, the distribution arm of Paramount Pictures whom had sent out 200 snakes (without prior warning) as publicity stunt to promote the release of Wes Craven’s Serpent and the Rainbow movie. The stunt managed to make the national newspapers and the News at Ten, raising issues about animal welfare and not the movie itself. What became of the Video Llŷn snake? Seems after appearing on the S4C news and front page of the Caernarfon & Denbigh news paper it disappeared whiles being transported from Caernarfon to Pwllheli... 

In the mid 90’s I became a student, an art one at that and commuted 30 miles each day to Bangor college and so this meant I was always in Pwllheli waiting for buses- as they could be few and far between this often presented me with the opportunity to not only visit the arcade but also the video shop to pick a movie for that evening, safe in the knowledge that I would be back early next morning to return it. Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Piranha 2 the Spawning and Jack Frost are just three of the many, many movies I rented from the shop. I was so fond of it in fact that I even incorporated into my college work sketching customers and staff and recreating the shop as a miniature!  As the 2000’s rolled in it seemed that DVD’s were the next big thing, but Video Llŷn was cautious of the new format having previously witnessed the battle between Beta and VHS during the 80’s (the shops had been running formats since 1983 before gradually phasing them out completely in 86) and so they tentatively started to introduce DVD’s to their line-ups in 2001 running both formats side by side before making the complete transition to DVD in 2006. 
 A steady decline in rental sales had been noted as early as the early 1990’s attributed to both the increasing popularity of Sky TV and video piracy and so the Caernarfon shop was sold as a going concern in 2002. The previously mentioned barriers didn’t help the Porthmadog shop either but when Dwyfor council imposed double yellow lines outside the shop they sealed its fate and it too was closed 2005. But the Pwllheli shop however continued to hold its own, despite having to relocate to Cardiff Road when their landlords, Agricultural Merchants Eifionydd Farmers merged with Wynnstay sold the land (it’s a Wilko store now) Video Llŷn is very much alive and open for business. 
Over the past few months I have had the great pleasure of archiving Video Llŷn, and we have been posting photos from days gone by on the shop’s Facebook page. So if you are local and want a nostalgia fix or you just like looking back at the glory days of video rentals join the Video Llŷn Facebook page and make use of the numerous galleries created for your viewing pleasure! 
Local and tired of the rubbish that television has on offer? Perhaps you are visiting the area for your holiday and need some movies? Be sure to visit the shop, and show your support! 
Tell them Arfon sent you!

TODAY: Video Llŷn located on Cardiff Road Pwllhlei

Video Llŷn, High Street Caernarfon (1984- 2002)

Video Llŷn, New Street Porthmadog (1985- 2005)

My sincere thanks to Ian Jones for granting me access to the archives, putting up with all my questions and for all the movies!

© Arfon Jones 2020. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Omnibot’s Robot Root-Out: Big D ‘Babe Boards’

“...Deep under Arfon’s studio lies an extensive collection of random artefacts thirty years in the making. His robotic assistant Omnibot has been assigned the mammoth task of excavating the collection. What will Omnibot uncover today...!”

A New Year and Omnibot’s found a new haul! We thought the first Robot Root Out of 2020 was to be about Snoots, a series of 80 cards produced by Continental Candy in 1989-I loved these! Each Snoot card featured a different character design and was divided into three categories Snoots Nose Kids, Snoots Nosimals and Snoots Nosy Bodies. A short bio of each character depicted was written on the back of the card but the main ‘feature’ of these things is that each one has a small nose shaped hole in the middle of the card for children to push their own noses through and complete the image! Great fun! However I have been unable to find locate further information about them, who devised them? The artist responsible for the designs and so on SO we have decided to shelve them until such details become available (if you can help shed some further light on them e-mail me at arfon@arfon.net) so instead we are devoted this post to another card related collection that I have.
But first (as is often the case with these things) a back story... Growing up, I was part of what could be considered a large family, with numerous grandparents, aunts and uncles spread all over the county and so weddings, wedding anniversaries, christenings and birthday seemed a fairly regular outing  and these would (more often)  take place at various strategically placed /convenient hotels,  restaurants  and family friendly pubs. These family occasions could be tedious if there wasn’t a play area (back in those days a swing or climbing frame) our parents would give us what change they had to either go play an arcade machine or buy a Coke or packet of crisps, whatever it took to keep us quiet. The later, seemed the most regular however and the late adolescent me had a particular penchant for Smiths Bacon Flavored Fries (still do) as it seemed I could only get them at these establishments I would always scan the wall behind the barkeep to see if they stocked them (still do) but this particular occasion they only sold nuts... and that was when pre-teen Arfon discovered Big D peanuts, or more specifically the way Big D peanuts promoted their products. The Big D peanut girl!

Having first been introduced to the UK in 1967, Big D (Dallas) would have been just another peanut company supplying their products to the pubs of Great Britain had it not been for the ingenious idea of introducing the ‘babe board’ in 1975 a cardboard display that contained 24 packets of 50g packs of nuts which could be hung on the wall behind the bar, but (and this is the clever bit) each time a pack would be bought more of the Big D girl’s photo on the card itself would be revealed- a very clever idea!  Never depicting actual nudity, former computer operator, South End girl turned model Beverley Pilkington was the first Big D girl having previously appeared on Page 3 and numerous Top of the Pops album covers (more on them some day) “Big D Bev" was the.... face of the brand also featured on the company’s promotional items including playing cards and calendars such as the 1979 one ‘Sporting Nuts’ which had her posing with various sports stars of the time. But it was the ‘Beverly Cards’ themselves that proved to be the real hit with the public, making a star out of Beverly and assuring great success for the company until the campaign was eventually dropped during the seemingly more politically aware times of the late 80’s.  
 The company claimed in 2003 that they had been losing £500,000 a year since the campaign had been dropped and when they reintroduced it with Page 3/ ‘lads mag’ model Ruth Higham in 2003 they saw sales rise by 35% securing the future of the company, which employed “about 140 workers” as you can imagine the re introduction of the Babe Board was met with criticism in which Rob Wooley, of Trigon Foods defended, claiming it was not offensive, declaring "There's a bit of cleavage but no nudity - it's just a bit of cheeky fun." It seemed that many a model aspired for the title of Big D peanut girl as reported in a Wigan Today in an article published in 2010 reporting on one such hopeful, Louise Royal, one of the five finalists whom had beaten “hundreds of wannabes across the country” in a contest in 'lads mag' Zoo hoping to replace the then board babe and Daily Star Sunday babe Malene Espensen and secure a four year contract with Big D.   “Middlesex marvelPage 3 Rosie Jones was crowned Big D Babe having  successfully completed a series of ‘Babe Hunt’ challenges including “proving she could pour the perfect pint” now the face of the brand also posing for Big D’s calendars with her third “and steamiest! “ calendar released in 2013 donating 10% of profits from all sales to Balls to Cancer – a male cancer awareness and research charity.
Now fully embraced by 'lad culture' and following on from their 2012 ‘finger footie’ campaign the babe board campaign was given a 21st century spin in 2013 allowing pub goers (via a “branded beer map”) the chance to play interactive pub games online and upload a photo of themselves with Rosie (whom had been voted fourth in FHM’s twenty sexiest women that year) to their social media pages. But like all good things, this was short lived, as the D peanut girl went the same way of the Page 3 and Lads Mags becoming extinct in 2016 with the company distancing itself from the 'girly' image and using simple colored backing cards indicating the flavor of the nuts be it Salted, Dry Roasted, Crunchy BBQ , Crunchy Chili, Honey Roast, Birds Eye Chili, Mixed Nuts & Raisins or Natural nut products and mixes... Was it inevitable? I guess it was. Is it shame?  I think so, as I regard it to be a very clever sales gimmick. But whatever your thoughts you will find these original cards in our eBay shop - money raised from our eBay auctions help fund all my creative endeavors and the YouTube channel.  Any questions you might have get in touch, Omnibot is only too happy to oblige!

I will add Big D haven’t purged their Facebook page as they have with their official website, so if you dig deep enough you will find an unlimited source of images devoted to their campaigns since its reintroduction and a occasional fond look back over the Big D Bev days.

© Arfon Jones 2020. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


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