Monday 8 May 2017

Dine out before they die out: Little Chef Uttoxeter

A50, Ashbourne Road, Uttoxeter, Staffs, ST14 5AA. Another month and another Little Chef to add to my mission list! We have actually used this one a couple of times in the past, located on the busy commuting road between the M1 –M6 it has been serving customers on the A50 since 1995 and according to its website it's known as the “best roadside restaurant on the A50”. Manager Alison Moore has been at the helm since 2004 and she along with her trusted deputy Kate “always provide a warm welcome, great service and the best Olympic breakfast this side of the east Midlands” and I can't really argue with that, we had the 'Royal Breakfast' (the classic Olympic breakfast “crowned” with a griddled 6oz sirloin steak) cooked to our specifications it was perfect, and we enjoyed it whole heartedly. Much like all the other Little Chefs, this one is also due for closure in six weeks, with no clue as to what the future will bring as preparations are underway outside for an A50 'Growth Corridor' a multi-million pound Government investment aiming to, “cut congestion, address safety concerns, support local businesses, create more jobs and opportunities for Staffordshire people”... and bypass the Little Chef site! So if you are on the A50 and hungry don't stop at the McDonalds, cross over to the Little Chef and enjoy the before listed features.

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  1. Damn, I really want a fry up now!

  2. How do you no the Uttoxeter Little Chef is closing in 6 weeks

  3. There’s been a Little Chef in Uttoxeter since the early 1970s. I watched this building being purpose built in the late 1980s. I remember sitting in my bedroom window to watch the cranes lowering the seating booths and furnishing in before the roof went on properly. I think it would have been about 1988. The previous LC was in a wooden prefab type building that seemed to be on blocks. It had a few steps to get in. It was about 1/2 mile along the A50. My childhood home was between the two sites. I had a birthday party at the old one, my sister had a birthday party at this site. Little chef used to do children’s parties.



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