Thursday 24 December 2015

Our Blue Peter Advent Crown

Well there’s only one more night to go before Christmas and so its time to light the last candle of our Blue Peter advent crown! Children of the 70s and beyond will of course remember this classic Blue Peter “Makes” and seeing as tradition and nostalgia are the key elements of a good Christmas for me I thought it was about time I made one. Armed with John Noakes’ instructions in the fourth Blue Peter book along with flameproof tinsel, coloured glass balls, thin wire, plasticine, some lids and some wire coat hangers I set about creating our own crown. I am not for a moment suggesting that I could improve on a classic but I did however opt for making some slight adjustments namely replacing regular candles for flickering LED tea lights and replacing the jam jar lid for milk bottle caps (because the candles fit them rather conveniently). To quote John Noakes, “People find it hard to believe that such a splendid decoration started off as four wire coat hangers!

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