Wednesday 30 May 2012

33 Million year old pocket watch charm

Over the last few years I have been on a mission to customise my pocket watch, make it personal and precious to me. I wanted to have something attached to the T-bar itself but I just couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I decided to create something that represented several factors that interest me… One of my “all time” favourite movies is Jurassic Park, a life long fan of dinosaurs I was easily swept along with the ‘dino-mania’ that struck the United Kingdom in the summer of 1993. One of the enduring images of that film (for me) was that of a fossilised insect in amber. The insect that once fed off the blood of dinosaur was the vital component needed by the scientist of Jurassic Park in acquiring “Dino DNA”.  With that in mind, along with my continued interest in natural science and history I decided that I would like a piece of amber that contained a fossilised insect attached to my pocket watch… At first glance it might seem to be a piece Citrine but it would in fact be much more!   Now, a piece of amber containing a perfectly preserved culicidae insect from around 65 million years ago would be extremely costly and not an ideal/practical item to have hanging on a watch chain that is in every day use… So I opted instead for a piece of amber dating from Eocene/ Oligocene era (around 33 million years ago) Admittedly there where no dinosaurs around at that time, however an insect that lived amongst early ‘prototypes’ of the animals we now know was still equally exciting!    Realising that locating a genuine piece of fossilised amber on the Internet could be tricky I contacted someone I trusted, Ian Barrett at Jurassic Jewellery who was only too happy to help me with my request. So much so that he tracked down several examples for me to choose from. Once I (finally) settled on one I liked he attached a link to it and had it posted out to me the very next day.  It’s now on my watch and I adore it. Being a small piece of amber I was concerned that the insect might not be entirely visible but this is not the case. Hold it to the light and you see a beautify-complete fungus gnat that once existed in a time of 8-ft flightless birds and horses that averaged 14-inches!

Check out Jurassic Jewellery’s web site and tell them Arfon sent you! 
© Arfon Jones 2012. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. Ta for the link to Jurassic Jewellery, Arfon.

  2. You are most welcome Mim! Remember to tell him who sent you! ;)



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