Friday 20 March 2020

I see a bad moon rising...

How are you all doing out there? Remember when we used to just shrug off these prophecies of doom? Case in point, having survived the predicted apocalypse that was to occur when the clock struck midnight marking the start of the new Millennium, twenty one days later I was outside waiting for another sure sign of doom. January 21st 2000 I was waiting for the Moon to pass directly behind the Earth and into its shadow causing the moon to turn a reddish colour- namely a total eclipse of the moon!
Eclipses were still 'in' at this time as Britain had 'attempted' to witness its first solar eclipse for 72 years six month prior (with only part of mainland Britain witnessing totality due to having their views obscured by clouds) and so this astronomical phenomena also received some media interest. Many saw the image of the moon turning blood red to be the real sign of end being 'nigh' but this again wasn't the case, and much like the solar eclipse the clouds rolled in just as things were about to 'officially' happen. But never the less I was there, outside the studio between 3:14am – 4:15am huddled up, Panasonic NV-R33VHS camcorder in hand (hence the shaky cam) as I sketched the moon/ documenting the event. Unfortunately the mic picked up the radio (on in the background to help me document the time) and at one point YouTube flagged the music and so I had to silence one section of it but it offers a moment of time, that might be of interest to someone out there.
Or at the very least offer something to while away the hours in our quarantined bunkers.  
Hunker down, stay safe. 

© Arfon Jones 2020. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

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