Thursday 10 May 2018

Arfon's 24 hour Shark A-thon makes the front page!

Well, it's in the paper so it must be true! It's official, this July during Discovery Channel's Shark Week I Arfon Jones will be watching 17 shark movies in one-24 hour sitting for the Alzheimer's Society. The Cambrian news ran the story, here is the article written by Alex Jones.

A SCI-FI fanatic cannot wait to get his teeth into a bizarre 24-hour challenge of watching 17 of the worst shark films his friends could think of back to back.
Arfon Jones, 39, an illustrator from Nefyn, has set himself the ‘sharkathon’ to raise money for a charity close to his heart.
All sponsorships and donations raised by Arfon’s challenge – which includes titles such as Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus, Raiders of the Lost Shark and Shark Exorcist – will go to the Alzheimer’s Society, an organisation which has supported his family in recent months. “On 25 July, during this year’s Shark Week, I will watch the worst shark movies ever made in one 24-hour sitting,” said Arfon, who created comic strip Vincent the Vulture for the Cambrian News 20 years ago. “So why am I doing this? Alzheimer’s is a terrible condition that affected both my grandparents and so I am doing this for my grandmother Marie Julia Roberts who died this year. “Both my grandparents had to go into homes. Had they still been together this would have been their 60th year of marriage.
“I wanted to support the charity because they are not only trying to find a cure but also work with people and family affected by the condition.”
For more information, or to donate, please visit

So there you go, please consider sponsoring me and supporting this worthy cause. Thanks to all that have and that have helped spread the word!

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