Wednesday 28 February 2018

"Shop smart- shop S mart!" My Ash Williams Chainsaw hand is up for sale!

If you go over to my eBay page you will find my trusty old chainsaw hand up for sale! Some of you might recall that back in in 2011 I was I found myself with only 24 hours to make a costume for a Halloween fancy dress party. Having opted to go as Ash Williams in Evil Dead 2 and armed with an empty economy size rice jar, red car paint, piece of wood, silver paint, bike chain, old screwdriver, some coke cans, unused brackets and screws, old wooden curtain pole, plastic lids, two plug hole covers some gaffer tape and glue I created this chainsaw hand measuring just over 2ft long.
It worked out well (the photo on the right was taken at the party) and seemed well received and after the party I had big plans to improve on it but unfortunately never got round to it and so its been underfoot in the studio ever since so I thought it was time I offered it up for sale if only to serve as the ‘bare bones’ for someone else’s Ash Williams cosplay? Interested? Follow the link and nab it!

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