Wednesday 26 April 2017

Strange Times in Little Happining book launch at Chepstow Steampunk Spring market

I've been out 'n about again! Last Saturday Mrs Jones and I paid a return visit to the beautiful town of Chepstow for this year's Steampunk Spring market. Following on from the very successful market held last year, Lady Alice of Frugonia organised another opportunity to update one's wardrobe, home ware and accessories while catching up with friends old and new and mingle with some of the most talented, friendly and finely attired folk in Britain oh, and launch a new book! Strange Times in Little Happining written by my talented wife Beth Jones (and illustrated by Moi) was officially launched at the event. As mentioned in a previous post this is a tale of mysterious murders and strange occurrences in the quiet (fictional) rural town of Little Happining and even though the book is available on Amazon, Chepstow seemed ideal to officially launch it, and we were right, it was very well received. Inspector Mandalay's most demanding case intrigued many a market patron who purchased copies promptly signed by Mrs Jones. The table also had a small display from the Little Happining museum and cakes from the Little Happining Tea Rooms presented free with each book! A big thank you to all that bought the book, I know you will enjoy it (Incidently, once you are done how about joining the Facebook group? or even leaving your thoughts and feedback on the Amazon page?). My/Our sincere thanks to everyone that come over to the table and supported the book and likewise to all involved in its organising, and running congratulations it ran like a well oiled cog and we look forward to the next!

Cakes from the Little Happining Tea Rooms and artefacts from Little Happining museum

Laser Supremos Rachel White and Andy Dingley of Atelier Fabry-PĂ©rot

Charming, immaculate and all round good egg, Kolonel Mustard
© Arfon Jones 2017. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. That fellow at the bottom looks similar to a chap I 'snapped' at one of these events in Glasgow last year. I'll have to check to see if it IS the same person. Congratulations to you and the missus on the book.

    1. Take a wee look through here, AJ, and tell me if you think it's the same guy.

    2. Oh yeah! (It's not him) but I have no doubt that the Kolonel had influenced many a well dressed chap over the years. Many thanks sir :)



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