Wednesday 1 February 2017

From the Vaults: 1997- 1998 The Vincent T. Vulture Cambrian News strip

As I mentioned in the 'From the Scrapbook' when I was 18 and at Art college I had a weekly comic strip in The Cambrian News. The strip promised to have its readership around mid, west and north Wales “in stitches every week” and featured my own creation Vincent T Vulture, a vulture too proud to scavenge that tries to use his superior intellect to capture his prey, a pair of kangaroo rat brothers. Naturally the balance of nature would not allow such things and so he was doomed to failure. I make no secret of my cartoon influences in the strips that featured in the paper for 31 weeks. It was great fun, writing and drawing the three panel strip on a Sunday, posting it (Internet in its infancy then kids!)to the paper's head office on the Monday and it would be in the paper that Thursday. Sadly the paper was bought by media entrepreneur Sir Ray Tindle in 1998 and the format of the paper's underwent some changes and one of the things they dropped was my strip. Never the less I look back on those days with great fondness as it was my first step into having my work published (not to mention being paid for it!). Here are a few random strips from the 31 produced that were used, hope you like them...


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