Thursday 2 June 2016

From the Vaults: 1998 QVC Letter

Did I ever tell you that my work once featured on QVC? Specifically their Dynamic Forces segment? Well it was, as you can see from these shots taken from an old VHS recording from 1998. Back in the 1990’s Dynamic Forces, producers of limited edition and autographed memorabilia would run a monthly segment on QVC, hosted by Nick Barrucci. Each segment would run for at least an hour and being the huge comic book fan that I was/am I never missed a show. These segments satisfied my appetite for signed limited editions and glow-in-the dark covers! I would telephone my order in as Nick Barrucci, giddy with excitement told us how amazing the comic was and urged us to check it out for ourselves. As his co-presenters (with little to no knowledge of comics) tried to keep up with his enthusiasm smiling and providing the order numbers. One day I decided to write in and request a few signatures and as I wrote the letter I recalled Mr Barrucci mentioning that the Green Lantern was his favourite character, so I drew an (AWFUL) Hal Jordan cartoon (loosely copied from Batman: Mitefall) in the top left corner. I posted the letter and thought nothing more about it until the month after when to my utter surprised he showed my letter live on air! As usual they got my name wrong but my work was shown on QVC. Which was nice.

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