Tuesday 13 October 2015

Ogwen River Festival 2015: The Green Man 'A tribute to Professor David Bellamy OBE'

Has it really been a year since the lastGwyl Ogwen’? Incredible! Once again the Sculpture Circle (very kindly) invited me to join their River Ogwen festival/ exhibition at the Parc Meurig woods in Bethesda and much like last year, the event (very effectively) promoted the natural environment and the creative arts in the Bethesda area. Last year I unveiled ‘The Arm of Swamp-Thing’ this year I displayed The Green Man: A tribute to Professor David Bellamy OBE. The portrait is a painted version of Professor Bellamy’s likeness used in my Bellamy Eco-Postage Labels mounted in a ‘living’ frame made up of branches, moss and plants.
I thought the woods would be the perfect location for such a piece that celebrates my favourite Botanist and not look completely out of place amongst all the fresh foliage and greenery. Once the portrait was hung on a oak tree, I had a look at everyone’s work and was able to catch up with my creative comrades Lisa Hudson, Lindsey Colbourne and Harri Carmichael who had their amazing work on display too! As the day progressed, the curious made their way across the footbridge and along the footpath soaking the tranquillity of the surrounding trees, occasionally stopping to closer examine the works of art dotted throughout the woods and discuss art with other visitors. I had a lovely day there, and it would seem that so did everyone else. I left the festival filled with new ideas and I look forward to the next one (if they will have me) my sincere thanks to Lisa for arranging this wonderful event.

© Arfon Jones 2015. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. Looks just like him, so I don't know why that guy in the last pic is scratching his head wondering who it is, AJ.

    1. Bless him, I thought that! He did know though as I heard them talking about him, bad timing on my behalf! :)



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