Thursday 19 December 2013

Ultimate Greeting Cards

As the rush to get Christmas cards out to people before the 25th rages on I thought I would mention that it’s not too late to order some of my Ultimate Greeting Cards because unlike other cards on the market these can be used 12 months of the year!

Inventor Sir Henry Cole introduced the world's first commercially produced Christmas card back in 1843 and now I Arfon Jones bring you the Ultimate Greeting Card designed to cover all greetings and special occasions for anyone that is constantly on the go! Why commit to just the one special occasion? These cards allow you the luxury of sending them out any time of the year and they are easy to use! Simply tick the appropriate occasion(s) (save even more time and money by ticking several in one go!) add any additional messages at your own discretion in the comment section below and sigh! No fiddly envelopes that won’t stick, just add an address and a stamp to the back of card itself and post! Order a pack of six here or here.

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