Wednesday 12 January 2011

Comic Consciousness: Marvel Comics Sold Here!

I was just going through my photos when I discovered this one taken in 2009, I’m rather fond of this sign, it hangs outside Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham and assures us all that they sell Marvel comics (which is always good to know!)
I have been a fairly frequent customer of Nostalgia & Comics since the mid 1990’s and it really is one of the finest comic shops in the land (and they tell me that they were also one of the first comic shops to open in the British Isles) so well worth a visit if you are ever in Birmingham. 

© Arfon Jones 2011. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

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  1. My name is Larry. I have one of the originals of these in like new condition. I used to work for the sign company that made these. Only 25 were made for distribution. There was one extra printed, made as a store sample, which I was able to acquire in 1989. I have had it ever since. I am now looking to sell it to a collector. Let me know if you are interested. You can reach me at this email address:



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