Tuesday 30 November 2010

'Science Spotlight’ 11/12 Sir Clive Marles Sinclair

Sir Clive Marles Sinclair, born in 1940, Inspired by his father and grandfather who were both engineers Sinclair began designing at an early age. At school he excelled in mathematics and in 1955 he took his O-levels and A-levels in physics, pure maths, and applied maths. Three weeks before his A-levels he drew up the Sinclair Micro radio kit and wrote his first article for Practical Wireless. He decided against going to university and left school before his 18th birthday to sell his miniature electronic kits by mail order. He formed Sinclair Radionics Ltd and in the 1960’s designed and marketed pocket transistor radios and micro-amplifier kits, making Sinclair a pioneer in the field of miniature consumer electronics. In 1972, he marketed the world's first pocket calculator, 1976 the first digital wristwatch and in 1977 the first pocket TV.
In 1979, he set out to build a simple, easy to use personal computer for under £100 and in 1980, The Sinclair ZX80 was launched selling over 100,000 starting the home computer revolution in the UK. He was made chairman of the British Mensa Society in 1980 a role he served for 17 years and in 1983 he received a knighthood. In 1985 he launched the Sinclair C5 an environmentally friendly, streamlined electric vehicle.
Sinclair Research Ltd. continues to market Sinclair's inventions the most recent being the A-Bike a folding bike for city commuters and his latest electric vehicle the Sinclair X-1.

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