Thursday 7 January 2010

Operation: Christmas Duck ‘CONCLUSION’

With Christmas 2009 still fresh in the memory I thought I would make the Christmas Ducks the topic of this the first blog of 2010 AD!
Launched in December, Christmas Ducks were created in the same manner as Scout Ducks only they were distributed as Christmas cards. A limited edition of 20, and guaranteed to not fall of the mantel if a sudden draft should occur. Recipients were invited to photograph the duck in a Christmas setting and then submit the photo to an online 'festive foto'’ gallery (for a detailed account Operation: Christmas Duck)

I can now report a 60% success rate for the project as 11 out of 20 ducks reported back. 90 photos were submitted and placed in specially created Facebook photo album. 1 photo for each duck was then added to the official Christmas Duck Gallery

Conclusion, The ducks were well received, they breached the void of the networking sites and provided a Christmas card with a difference. Friends otherwise unaware of each other’s existence were brought together to ‘play’ a festive game were they submitted unique, creative photographs personal to them sharing the endearing diversity of Christmas and how we all celebrate it. As I dearly thank them for joining in my experiment, I wonder how many of the ducks (seeing as this has been posted after the 12th night) have been stored away with the decorations?
© Arfon Jones 2009-2010. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.

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