Wednesday 11 April 2018

The Mystery Tortoise Photo

Our recent loss in the family finds us now knee deep into the dreaded “sorting out affairs” process and amongst all the paperwork I chance discovered this photo which appeals to me as both a history buff and tortoise owner! I don't know who exactly these people are or when exactly the photo was taken but I do know precisely where it was taken, Boduan in North Wales (a mile or so from the AA Sentry Box that I mentioned last year) outside the former Post Office that once resided there in fact (which we have loose family connection with). So taken was I with this photo that I visited the site to try and locate the exact spot this Herman Tortoise once attracted half the population of the village! What was the story I wonder? I guess we will never know...

Then and now The former Post Office, Boduan
situated on the A497 between Boduan and Nefyn
(Grid Reference SH3116138626)
© Arfon Jones 2018. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. If you can identify the date - the clothes look 1930s to me - there might be some information in a local paper.

    1. I thought 30's going by the hair, clothes and the camera being used in the distance- Lack of a definite date made me weary of making the claim.... I haven't fully given up on the mysterious tortoise though, I have an outlet to explore... I'll keep you posted ;)

    2. Wary as well as weary I trust, AJ. I love before and after photos like this. How did you identify the spot?

    3. Yes Kid, I meant Wary, Weary is how someone with dyslexia feels when they are online.... ;)
      I was able to recognise it because I have passed this way on a near weakly basis for the last 35+ years

    4. Have you got Dyslexia? I'd never have guessed. I'd just have put your odd mistake down to a typo. And why are you so weak when you pass that spot?

    5. Weak? Lol Yes, struggled with it my entire life, diminishing what confidence my younger self had. I write these out on the computer and spellchecker corrects the errors HOWEVER I also have Mrs. Jones read over them for me before posting as spellchecker can sometimes work against me (case in point 'Wary', 'Weary'. 'Where' and 'Were') when it comes to replying on these posts I take a leap of faith and I fell (hell, I might be falling right now! Am I? I can't tell and its horrible) the problem is that I love writing and relaying information which makes my Dyslexia an almost daily curse for me. Not a problem Kid, my problem not yours, thanks for directing me to it my friend :)

    6. I honestly would never have suspected, because your posts are usually spot on. That's why I thought I'd have a bit of fun with your uncharacteristic typos. I don't have dyslexia, but I still make mistakes. I've been surprised to re-read a post years after doing it and seeing spelling errors, missing words, or typos. No blogger is perfect in that regard.

    7. Well I am delighted! We go to great lengths to maintain a standard at I will sometimes spot the odd one on the older ones... but if I spot one- it must be bad!



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