Wednesday 4 May 2016

Vote Eccentric Party!

If you live around the St Ives South area its very likely that you had one of these flyers come through your letterbox in the run up to tomorrow’s (May 5th) local elections. Adorning the flyer is a portrait of our glorious leader Lord Toby Jug painted by yours truly!
Since posting about the Eccentric Party last year, the party has continued to grow in popularity, even gaining it's first actual councillor back in March, Lady Jezebel Luxury Yacht is now a sitting Eccentric Party Councillor on St Ives Town Council in Cambridgeshire! The party hopes to put fun back into politics by saying that a vote for the Eccentric Party is your way of telling the other major parties “You're Boring!” 
Lord Toby has placed a £10 bet on himself with special odds from William Hill, at odds of 10/1 to poll 500 votes or more, all winnings will go to DreamDrops, the Huntingdon based children's charity for sick children. His Lordship has also placed £10 with William Hill at odds of 100/1 to poll no votes whatsoever at the St Ives Town Council Elections, any winnings will also go to Dreamdrops.
So don’t forget to vote tomorrow! And remember, “DON'T BE A MUG...VOTE LORD TOBY JUG!”
Post election update: Congratulations to his Lordship on getting 89 votes for the District Council Seat and 188 votes for the Town Council Seat!
© Arfon Jones 2016. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. Given the current mainstream options, that's not as bonkers as it sounds...

    1. I know right? A new idea in government, who knew?! :)



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