Monday 11 April 2016

Ace Fantastic Top Tattoo!

Hello! Did you have a good Easter? Jolly good! Remember how I closed the last post in February apologising for the lack of updates saying that I would be “back on here very soon!” well as promised here I am… In April… Work continues on Slaughterhouse Farm #4 (incidentally I will be on Hellbound Media’s table promoting the comic at this year’s Wales Comic Con in Wrexham, North Wales on the 23rd of this month, come along and say “hello” won’t you?)

News: Remember the portrait of Frank Sidebottom I painted back in 2010 to raise funds for Frank's Fantastic Funeral Fund? Then later in 2013 I stumbled upon some ‘Bobbins Buttons’? Illegally produced Frank Sidebottom badges created by some eBay miscreant whom lifted the image from Google image without my consent using it for his own financial gains. Despite my protests eBay did nothing about it and crime (despite what I had been previously told) paid, the eBay seller made £10.01 on them! After that I had mixed feelings about Google image, then in March of this year Google image redeemed itself somewhat by once again presenting my image to a Frank Sidebottom fan but this time the fan paid me an indirect compliment. The image was printed off and presented to Mr. Matt Cooley of Rain City Tattoo Collective who made a tattoo out of it! Matt redrew it slightly in order to translate it into tattoo form (removing Little Frank in the process) while keeping to the client’s (if this is you please get in touch so I can properly credit you) specifications of having it as close to the original image as possible. I thought Matt did rather a good job of it. Over the years I’ve been asked a few times to design tattoos for people but never seen the end result (in/on the flesh?) so it was brilliant to finally see one gracing someone’s limb! Check out the rest of Matt’s amazing work on his site and Instagram page. Thank you.

© Arfon Jones 2016. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.



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