Monday, 15 June 2015

RIP Sir Christopher Lee, CBE, CStJ (1922 –2015)

Back in around 2000 I wrote a fan letter to Sir Christopher Lee. It was the usual fan letter babbling telling him how marvellous he was and how much I adored his work and how I wished there was more of it (this was just before Lord of the Rings that would set his career off again). I closed the letter with an autograph request and about a week later I received a response, no letter or message just this single card with what I regarded to be a pre-printed signature on the back. Thinking he had fobbed me off with a pre-printed signature card I just stuck it on my studio wall before eventually filling it away in my scrapbook. A few years later I looked at it again and noticed that the ink had slight fraying to it…it was actually pen… He had signed it… or had he? Fifteen years on I’m still unsure, adding a little more mystery to this man that captivated me that evening at the end of the 1980’s with Curse of Frankenstein and Taste the Blood of Dracula spring boarding me into my love of Hammer movies and all things Horror related. Whatever he starred in he brought a distinguished presence to the role completed with that unmistakable deep voice. I was genuinely sad to hear of his passing this month, marking the end of an amazing career.

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  1. He'll no doubt be pleased to see Peter Cushing again. Two of the greats.

  2. Yes indeed, and If he is out there, I hope he finds him. I was going to add how delighted I was when I read Peter Cushing’s autobiography (when I was about 15? 16? I read Lee’s shortly after) and discovered how close they where and that they also had a close friendship with Vincent Price :)

  3. Christopher Lee was one of my icons. I was very sad at his passing, but glad he'd left behind so many wonderful films.

    1. Same here, I was pleased that his career had that boost in 2000 allowing his talent to be acknowledged.



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