Monday 15 September 2014

Sarkylocks and the 3 Bears: The Rejected Risqué Rendering

The other day my good friend Dean Wilkinson informed me that he recently sold a boxset of The Bill to a gentleman in Ireland and that once the sale had gone through they both chatted about Dean’s writing career.
(Dean is one of the funniest people I know, writing for both TV, radio, stage, books, comics, console games and apps providing material for Harry Hill, And & Dec and Stephen Fry) they eventually settled on to the subject of Dean’s book Sarkylocks and the 3 Bears (which I illustrated). It would seem that the gentleman not only liked Dean’s idea and the artwork “by Wales’ finest Arfon Jones” (Dean’s words not mine) but he also thought Sarkylocks was very sexy… Seems this took Dean by surprise, as he said, “I hadn’t thought of her like that at all. She’s far too young for a bloke like me who’s pushing 50.” But I then reminded him of one particular image that I drew of her that was deemed a little too risqué for the book…  Dean’s response, “ Oh yeah, she’s is a bit of a femme fatale. But I ain’t climbing that Yew Tree!  I was going to suggest we send the Irish bloke a copy of the rejected picture but he’d only ruin it.” So here is that image for everyone to enjoy!

Buy Sarkylocks and the 3 Bears on Amazon
Check out Dean’s work here and find out about his latest project Sheerluck

EXTRA: On the subject of Sarkylocks and the 3 bears, back in January my dear friend Kristin Brooks in Arizona sent me this photo!

© Arfon Jones 2014. All images are copyrighted throughout the world.


  1. Yes, indeedy, she's put a spring in one's step.

    1. It never dawned on me until after I submitted the drawing… It happens more frequently these days (I blame you and your ‘BABE OF THE DAY’ posts! ;) )



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