Wednesday 29 February 2012

It's Norman the Northern Zombie!

Zombies have certainly been in high demand these last few years, between ‘How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse’ and ‘Zombies from Ireland’ I have illustrated many a staggering brain eating corpse! Here is another one, Norman the Northern Zombie!
Online comedian Neil Baxter’s hilarious character originally started out as Neil “putting slop on my face and taking a photo” and calling it "Zombie Pie Eater". Then as a blatant attempt to attract viewers on Youtube and draw in the George A. Romero's fan base he named the second video "Diary of the Dead" check out these videos and find out what Norman has been up to…

With a passion for creating comedy characters, Norman is just one of Neil’s creations that have taken up residence on Youtube you can also find the wonderfully endearing Barry Barmcake on there as well. (A character that came about after Neil posted various comments on Facebook about Lady Gaga staying over) Follow the link to Barry’s page and find his videos on there!

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