Wednesday 9 June 2010

From the Vaults: 2003 ‘A Circus Freak Accident’

Back in 2003 I was invited to take part in BBC Wales’s Capture Wales project a series of monthly workshops organised across Wales, which ran between 2001 to 2008. Each contributor was assisted by a trained individual on how to make a short film and granted access to laptops, scanners, digital cameras and editing software to create their digital story. They were then added to their exhibition site for the purposes of showcasing real-life stories made by people from across Wales. It was a fascinating process, and a marvellous project as their website blurb reads, “Films feature individuals sharing moments of their lives with the camera, and range from the humorous to the bizarre and moving.” The only requirement was that the story had to be a real life occurrence so I recounted the time I was bitten by a Circus dog and the effects that followed. I’ve always maintained that it's a personal story, one that other people couldn’t relate to and the fact that video has been online for almost 10 years and I still haven’t heard from other 'recovering' circus dog victim confirms it! 95% of the film is made up with my drawings and when it was completed it seemed well received, I was then delighted six months later when they informed me that the BBC wanted to show my story on the telly (along with an introductional mini interview). I’m not quite ready to share the video interview but you can see the story itself here and find a transcript here and because websites have a habit of fading away and some people have regional limitations when dealing with BBC sites I decided to also upload the video to my Youtube channel as well. But I recommend you visit the main site if you can and see what the project was all about.

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