Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Hello! It’s me… Or is it?

Happy New Year to you! Yeah, I know it’s February… er…Happy Chinese New Year?
Believing that an update was long over due I thought I would pop back on and say/type “hello”.
So why have I been so quiet? Well I’ve been very busy (still am) since the start of January I hit the ground running and started work on Slaughterhouse Farm #4 the concluding issue to Hellbound Media’s fearsome four parter! What else have I been up to? Several other projects that I will reveal in more detail at a later date but it would seem that I have also been busy appearing on TV, odd really as I am fairly sure I haven’t (although I was on the radio back in January talking about Doctor Who). So what have I been on?

1) Apparently I am the guy on the far right of this Channel Dave advert for Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled. This appearance has been pointed out to me several times since November (Kid was the first to note it) however, after much deliberation I have noted that this handsome chap (seems to be) drinking larger, I don’t. So ergo it’s not me. 

2) The Dogs Trust newest advert, this guy is made of wool, and I’m not. So ergo it’s not me. 

Have you seen me on anything else? Do please let me know! Comment at the bottom of this post or e-mail
Either way I’ll see you back on here very soon!

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